The only constant in life is change.
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Benefit from intelligentis’ comprehensive consulting services. With our broad expertise and our M & A experience, we bring your company up to speed for optimal results in future negotiations. Why should you sell your company below value?

Our consulting services are divided into the following areas:

Before the sale

Advice on strategy and tactics before the start of negotiations

The seller of a car would polish it to a glossy finish in the hope that its shine would bring greater profit. In our experience, selling companies is no different – it’s just more complicated. In many cases, small adjustments in areas such as organisation, finance, marketing, or IT are enough achieve significantly higher revenue. Once you have decided to sell, we will therefore collaborate you as part of our professional project management structure. Let us work together to develop a strategy that optimises the sales process for you.

Creation of teasers and sales presentation

Like any business transactions, the right communication strategy is crucial for your sales process. We have vast experience you can rely on. Depending on the type of M & A transaction, we prepare presentations, support the assessment (due diligence), and provide general advice to help the sales negotiations proceed in your interest.

Identification of potential investors

Even extremely well-run companies may fail to sell because there are no suitable buyers can be found. We find, analyse, and evaluate potential investors. We take care of all the steps that are required in advance of a corporate transaction while you sit back and focus on your business operations.

During the sale

Consultation, support, and steering of the transaction process

From the initial idea to the finished M & A Contract – the intelligentis will accompany you through the entire sales process and offer advice and assistance. We prefer a holistic approach combining consultancy, management and sales. You can rely on us our discretion and competence in every area. This is guaranteed by our performance-based remuneration model, in which our remuneration is paid only after the transaction has been concluded.

Coordination and participation in negotiations until the conclusion of the transaction

A sales process often consists of a number of negotiation phases since both parties are in constant negotiation from initiation through due diligence to the conclusion of the contract. If communication is lacking, the participants may only realise after lengthy negotiations that no acceptable compromise can be found. We, as consultants, are often the crucial interface between buyers, sellers, lawyers, and tax consultants – we monitor the negotiations continuously and shape them in your interest.

Data room

Provision of software for the transmission of sensitive data

Sensitive data must be transmitted regularly both in general, everyday business as well as during specialized acquisition negotiations. There is always a risk that important information will be leaked if it is not encrypted according to current security standards. For this purpose, we can provide you with an M & A data room. Our data room is intuitive and user-friendly. It allows encrypted files to be transferred securely and shared with buyers, attorneys, tax consultants, and notaries.

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