Professional support for the creation of teasers and sales presentations

Deciding to sell a business is not an everyday process. It must be well prepared and implemented in the best manner possible. For this purpose, it is important to see the sale of a company not like the sale of a product, but rather as a process. Strategic questions must be answered upon entering the sales process:

  • Who should buy my company?
  • Which group of buyers would be strategically interested in such a purpose?
  • Is this a good time to sell?
  • What is my company worth in its current condition?
  • Are there over-proportionate value increases that can be achieved simply, cost-effectively, and quickly?

With the professional advice of intelligentis, we turn your sales idea into a concrete sales concept. Together, we will achieve the best result for you.

Subjective and estimated corporate assets ​​of brands such as Google, Facebook or Coca-Cola show that a company can be worth more than the (financial) sum of its divisions. With the right marketing strategy, you can polish your external visibility and achieve a better selling price. Even buyers tend to prefer a beautiful apple. Our competent marketing experts can help align your visibility, specifically with regards to the company’s sale.

The intelligentis has extensive expertise in the IT sector. Profit from this by documenting, repositioning and improving your IT system for successors or buyers, opening up new potentials which are decisive in the value-added purchase price. Together, we digitally add value and can meet your buyers – with all discretion – with transparency and openness.

The digitalisation of business processes is a further step to make your business fit for the future and to increase its earnings potential. Buyers’ positive expectations emerge from future-oriented IT approaches. We command a wide range of experience in this field, and can help you to modernise your working infrastructure. As a result, you will score better in technical due diligence and hold a better position in sales negotiations.

A comprehensive and serious M & A analysis also requires the examination of the organisational structure and internal processes. Strategic adjustments allow us to optimise the conditions for a future transaction, streamline administrative processe, and create an attractive investment environment. With the help of targeted process management, your company’s performance can be sustainably increased, regardless of the sector.

Financial evaluation is one of the most important principles to consider prior to successful sales negotiations. Even a well-established company cannot be sold if important financial data are not trustworthy or cannot be backed up with future-oriented plans.  The expert consultants of intelligentis will support you with the reorientation of your financial fundamentals.

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