Our client’s company has developed and introduced into the market an innovative, worldwide unique and patented system for infection protection in ventilators, which are used in hospitals and in the homecare sector. The system enables simple and highly efficient disinfection of all flowering areas and airflow systems of ventilators.

In the course of the COVID19 crisis, demand has increased significantly and our client would like to push ahead with the worldwide distribution of the system and the necessary medical technology approvals with a strong partner.

Investment Highlights
  • the system has a proven bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal, mycobactericidal (multi-resistant pathogens) and tuberculo-cidal effect
  • proof of anti-virucidal effect is being prepared in response to the increased demand for COVID19
  • the product division’s income is generated from the sale of systems, annual maintenance and the sale of consumables and spare parts
  • until now there has been no active distribution but a pure sale on request of hospitals and homecare companies
  • estimated volume of the world market based on the number of ventilators at least EUR 2.0 to 2.5 billion
Company profile
  • Installed base: > 80 systems in Germany
  • Sales volume 2020 (08): 20 systems
  • Turnover 2020 (08): > 400,000 EUR
  • Gross profit margin: 75 %*
  • Contribution margin 1: 65 %*
  • Validated devices: > 100 ventilator types
  • Validated manufacturers: > 25 ventilator manufacturers

* in made-to-order production

Transaction terms
  • Type of transaction: Spin-off of the product division into a joint venture with the new partner, who will contribute capital and a worldwide distribution network
  • Businessplan: Distribution in countries that accept CE approval; approval in the USA, China, Brazil, India and other countries
  • Investment volume: approx. 1.5 to 2.0 million EUR

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